About Us

Our Purpose

To provide an opportunity for our young people to learn the language of their heritage in a fun and safe environment
To provide instruction on cultural practices such as dance
To strengthen ties with family and community
To assist our young people to develop a sense of cultural awareness and pride
To encourage a love of learning


Our School is a non-profit Incorporated Association, and is run by committee members who volunteer their time to ensure that the school is running smoothly.

The Committees job is to employ staff and advise the teachers in their duties, as well as overseeing volunteering and school activities. The committee is also responsible for running fund raisers and identifying potential grants and would welcome your input. We work together to ensure financial solvency and legal compliance.


           Links to  Relevant State/Territory Websites:

          Ethnic Schools Association: www.esav.org.au

                           Community Languages Australia (CLA) :                            www.communitylanguagesaustralia.org.au

Australian Department of Education Science and Training ( DEST)  www.dest.gov.au

Department of Education: www.education.vic.gov.au