Welcome, Afio mai and Malo e me’a mai to the Polynesian Kids Community Language School

Polynesian Kids is a community school operating in Melbourne, Victoria.

We are a not-for-profit, after-hours language school.

The school exists to teach Polynesian language and culture to students of all backgrounds, every Saturday during the normal school term, by trained and experienced teachers. Additional activities are also planned according to the interest and need of the school community.

Polynesian Kids is a school for school aged children. We currently teach classes in Gagana Samoa and Lea Faka Tonga, however we are keen to work with other island nation communities to develop programs where there is a need.  

We want to empower and give our kids confidence in knowing who they are and their roots.
Their Polynesian culture and heritage will help build their confidence and self esteem,
which in turn helps them to grow into healthy adults and functioning members of the community
To contribute in a positive way to society.     



On behalf of all the members of our community, We welcome you to our school. Knowledge of our Heritage and Culture gives us power to be who we are Our Families will be brought together as we learn and share across generations Courage to achieve, Courage to succeed